4 Tips To Help Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

4 Ways To Help Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

Add a more experienced driver to your policy

Adding an experienced named driver to your policy is one way that could help to lower the cost of your insurance policy.

Improve your cars security

Security features such as a dash cams and alarms can make your car more secure and less likely to be broken into. Enhancing security features reduces the likelihood of your car being broken into while you are not using it. This could also help to lower your car insurance premium.

Limit your mileage

When you are getting a car insurance quote you will be asked for your estimated mileage, this helps the insurance companies calculate how frequently you drive. The higher your mileage is the more expensive your policy is likely to be. Limiting the number of miles you drive could help to reduce your insurance premium.

 Drive Safely

If you have any claims, convictions or penalty points on your records as a result of any dangerous driving offences Insurance companies are likely to increase your car insurance premium or may refuse cover altogether. Using your mobile phone while driving, breaking the speed limit or other dangerous or careless driving acts that can result in convictions or penalty points should always be avoided.

Driving carefully helps you build up a good claims record and could help to make your car insurance cheaper.

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