Driving Safely During a Storm

Driving Safely During a Storm

Are you still insured to drive during a storm?

The answer is yes! You can drive during any weather warning and your insurance policy will still be valid.

Ensure your car is ready for the road

To increase your cars visibility on the road, make sure your lights are in good working order. Alongside this it is also very important to check all your tires and fluid levels.

Essential supplies for your car

If you ever have a breakdown or if you have to pull over during adverse weather it is a good idea to have some emergency supplies in the car. These emergency supplies could include:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit

Hold on tight

Strong winds can force your car to sway in different directions causing you to drift without you realizing. Keep two hands on the wheel and be prepared for any unexpected gust that may come your way.

Take your time

In extreme weather conditions it is important to slow down and take your time. Strong winds can affect your cars braking and handling abilities, if it starts to rain you are at more risk of hydroplaning. In these conditions it is better to slow down, take your time and arrive late.

Beware of large vehicles

Beware of trucks, tractors and cars that may be towing a trailer or caravan when there are strong winds as they are more vulnerable. It is sensible to leave more room for these vehicles and beware when overtaking them.

Park sensibly

When parking make sure you leave your car in a safe place and avoid parking too near trees and telephone lines or anything that could potentially be blown over in strong winds.

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