Why You Need Farm Insurance

Why You Need Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a policy designed specifically for agricultural businesses, buildings, tools, and output. Farm insurance offers protection under a single policy for public and employer’s liability, machinery and equipment, livestock, buildings, profits and produce.

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Farm Machinery and Equipment

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance protects the policyholder from financial loss or damage to their machinery and equipment. Most farm machinery used for your farm business can be covered. If you use a van or car for farm work you can also include these in your farm insurance policy.

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Farm Products

If you want to reduce your risk of loss due to loss of your farm produce, product liability insurance is available on most farm insurance policies.


Most farm insurance policies offer broad cover for livestock in the event they are killed or injured. Livestock insurance extensions also exist and cover other risks to livestock on your farm. Some of these extended policies can cover things such as the death of an animals by accidental shooting or if they are struck by a train or vehicle. The farm insurance policy may also cover the livestock if they are attacked by dogs or wild animals.

Farm Liability

There are three main types of liability for farmers:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Environmental Liability

Public Liability – Public liability is one of the most important types of cover to consider as every farm is exposed to risk of a public liability claim. Public liability covers all legal responsibility to the public, visitors and suppliers should there be an accident while they are on your farm.                                       

As this is a very critical area of insurance it should not be overlooked. Failure to have appropriate public liability protection or failure to disclose the full extent of the farming activities to an insurer may result in losses in the future.

Employers Liability – Employer’s liability is separate to public liability. Employers’ liability helps to cover the cost of compensation should anything happen to your employees on the farm i.e., illness or injury.  Common farm injury claims include:

  • Livestock
  • Machinery
  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Falls

Environmental Liability –  Following recent EU directives, farmers should be held liable for clean-up costs for you and your neighbours following a pollution incident. With an environmental liability insurance policy, it covers accidental pollution and the cost to repair any damage caused to the environment. Typical claims include:

  • Green diesel leak
  • Sewage and foul water
  • Slurry and silage effluent



Should you get farm insurance?

Knowing your farm insurance options and analysing your policy every year is important to ensure that your farm business is protected properly. As one of Irelands leading farm insurance brokers, we will explain your policy in plain English and search for a farm insurance policy that suits your needs at the best possible price.

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